The Paul Sartori Foundation deeply appreciates the generous £2,661.71 donation received from The Old Point House in Angle following a memorable event held on Monday, 27th May 2024, in memory of Johnny Allen-Mirehouse. This event, named Johnny’s Fundraising Lunch, was organized by Jonathan at the Old Point House, Angle, in conjunction with the Paul Sartori team. Rosie, Johnny’s wife, received invaluable support from the Paul Sartori Hospice at Home service which, alongside other local health professionals, enabled Johnny to spend his final days in his cherished home in Angle, surrounded by his family.

On a sunny May bank holiday, Johnny’s friends, family, the local community, and guests from near and far gathered to enjoy Johnny’s favourite treat of a homemade pie and a pint of cider at The Old Point House, a charming, historic 15th-century pub on the coast of Angle Bay. The day was filled with the harmonious sounds of the Paul Sartori Community Choir, and guests participated in a raffle featuring generous prizes donated by The Old Point House, Pro Nails Wales, Andrew Price Hairdressers, Barti Rum, and That’ll be the Day tickets.

The Paul Sartori Foundation is incredibly grateful to Jonathan Williams, the proprietor of The Old Point House, for organising and hosting this wonderful event.

We are thrilled to announce that Jonathan will host this special event again next year on Bank Holiday Monday, 26th May 2025, so watch this space and keep an eye on the Paul Sartori website at for upcoming events and ticket availability.