We are appealing for public support to raise money for end-of-life patients to have access to new equipment. 

This campaign will raise money for more ‘vital end-of-life equipment for the home setting’ and will enhance the care provided in the community.  The ‘crowdfunder’ launchs on Wednesday 9th June, with the assistance of the Calor Rural Community Fund, is hoping to raise £6,112 for additional equipment.

The new equipment will replace some of the older pieces of equipment, and with donations, the charity is hoping to purchase several new mattresses and a range of new cushions.  These items will offer enhanced comfort, redistribute pressure and increase seating stability for end of life patients.  This is essential for pain relief and the wellbeing of patients; offering an increased level of comfort at home.

The public can support this campaign by visiting the charity’s crowdfunding page, https://communityfund.calor.co.uk/vital-end-of-life-equipment-for-the-home-setting.  Supporters are encouraged to donate what they can (even if it is as little as £1), to like and share the community fund page.  This will ensure the project page is shared as widely as possible and will generate more extensive support.

“This is the second year that we have taken part in the Calor Rural Community Fund.  Last year our community helped us raise just over £4600.  We are hoping that the public will get behind us again this year and help us raise even more money to reach our ambitious target of £6112,” said Judith Williams, the Grant Development Officer at Paul Sartori Hospice at Home, “We are welcoming donations via the crowdfunding page, but equally our supporters can make donations in our shops, at our offices or over the phone.  We kindly ask that people highlight the reason for the donation.  The campaign will run until Wednesday 7th July, so supporters have a number of weeks to help us,” added Judith.

This unique service, provided by the Paul Sartori Equipment Loan Team, relies heavily on public support and grants.  Replacing equipment is an ongoing job for the charity, as they continue to loan, collect, clean, maintain and reloan items.  A vast range of equipment is available – they not only provide specialist mattresses, but also beds, bathing aids, wheel chairs and commodes which are vital for patients to remain at home.  The equipment supports the independence of end-of-life patients, and greatly assists families and carers. 

“The team are very knowledgeable and experienced, and not only deliver equipment, but they can also transfer patients as required.  Patients can benefit from the rapid response delivery service, which is often same-day, and in some cases can expedite discharge or prevent admission to hospital for patients,” explained Pat Coombs Clinical Coordinator and Equipment Facilitator.  “It is an essential service and really makes a different to our patients.  We hope that the local community will help us raise money for more equipment,” added Pat.

Read about our Equipment Loan Service here

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