Paul Sartori Hospice at Home, a Pembrokeshire-based charity, supporting people living in the final stages of a life limiting illness, recently appealed for public and wider support to raise money for end-of-life patients to have access to new equipment. 

This campaign was developed to raise money for ‘vital end-of-life equipment for the home setting’ and to enhance the care already provided in the community by the Paul Sartori Equipment Loan Team.  A ‘crowdfunder’ launched in June this year, with the assistance of the Calor Rural Community Fund, hoped to raise money for new mattresses and cushions.  Donations from the public, groups, clubs and The Caron Keating Foundation raised just over £5,500.  The new equipment which will replace some of the older pieces of equipment with modern mattresses and a new range of new cushions will see benefits for end-of-life patients, their families and carers in Pembrokeshire. 

“These new items will offer enhanced comfort, redistribute the pressure, offer pain relief and increase seating stability for patients supported by our charity,” explained Pat Coombs, Clinical Coordinator and Equipment Facilitator at Paul Sartori.  “The wellbeing of patients is fundamental, and these mattresses and cushions will offer an increased level of care and comfort for patients at home which is important and fundamental to what we do,” added Pat.

The Caron Keating Foundation, who submitted a generous donation of £3000 towards the project, were pleased to support this campaign, admiring the hard work of the charity and its care in the community.  “I am very pleased to say that we are in a position to pay out selected grants and we are thrilled to send you a cheque for £3000 to use towards your most worthwhile project,” said Gloria Hunniford OBE, Trustee of The Caron Keating Foundation.

This unique service, provided by the Paul Sartori Equipment Loan Team, supports the statutory service providing a rapid short term loan service to patients meeting the criteria, where sourcing through statutory channels would result in an unacceptable delay.  The service relies on public support and grants to replace and purchase any new equipment.  A vast range of equipment is available – not only specialist mattresses, but also beds, bathing aids, wheel chairs and commodes which are vital for patients to remain at home.  The equipment supports the independence of end-of-life patients, and greatly assists families and carers. 

“The team are very knowledgeable and experienced, and not only deliver equipment, but they can also transfer patients as required.  Patients can benefit from the rapid response delivery service, which is often same-day, and in some cases can expedite discharge or prevent admission to hospital for patients,” explained Pat Coombs Clinical Coordinator and Equipment Facilitator.  “It is an essential service and really makes a different to our patients,” added Pat.