Collection Boxes not only help to raise vital funds, they also create awareness of our important work. Your small change can make such a big difference to us!

Paul Sartori is supported by the local community and over 160 collection boxes are distributed in the area. Every one of our collection boxes holds an average of just over £30.00.

If you are interested in having a collection box at your business address please download and complete the Application for a Collection Box form.

Collection boxes are great for collecting loose change around the house. Or, if you are organising a fundraising event, why not put one of these on each of the tables, to encourage people to donate their spare change?

Put your pennies to good use and order a collection box today

We can organise collection boxes or collection buckets depending on your need.

When requesting your collection box, please remember:

We also now have a Q R Code which you can use for digital collection

If you require us to empty and replace your collection box or more information regarding our QRCodes – please contact us