Recently Amanda Absalom-Lowe visited Paul Sartori House to deliver some dignity bibs and dignity scarfs for their patients. These bibs and scarfs are designed to look like normal items of clothing for the patients to wear over the top of their own clothing, not only during meal times but also for patients with hypersalivation.

The dignity bibs were kindly designed and sewn by volunteer Ann Morris during the covid lockdown. All of the items of clothing used had been donated by the community. They also recycled old shower curtains, duvet sets and pillow cases in to emergency wash bags, laundry bags, even dusters and face wipes.

Photo: Amanda Absalom-Lowe presenting the dignity bibs to Patricia Coombs, Paul Sartori Clinical Coordinator (left) and Toni Dorkings, Paul Sartori Community Fundraiser (right)

Amanda and Ann decided to undertake this project as they felt that there were too many items of unwanted clothing going to landfill, or that they could not even be sold in the charity shops for £1. There was more value in transforming these items into something else to help patients at the end-of-life.

Amanda Absalom-Lowe said “We are very pleased that these will help keep people’s dignity and that this will hopefully be a new sewing project for the future. We would also like to thank Ann Morris for kindly sewing these items.”

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