Thursday 2nd November 2023

Paul Sartori House

Future Care Planning Survey
Community Engagement Coffee Morning

future care planning

We need your help to support the continuation and development of the Paul Sartori (Advance and) Future Care Planning Service (FCP).

We have reached Stage 2 of the National Lottery People & Places application process.  To secure funding we need to carry out a wider consultation.  You can help by completing a short survey (by Monday 6th November) and/or attending a Community Engagement Coffee Morning on Thursday 2nd November 2023.

If you wish to attend, please email Jayne Williams,, or telephone 01437 763223.

“Thank you very much for your time, kindness and knowledge in helping me navigate matters that baffle and terrify most of us. I was very relieved to find out that the steps I already took were the correct ones and that there are few still to be taken, but that, with your help, I feel much better equipped to tackle.”

The process of recording your wishes and planning for your future care can be overwhelming for families.  Please help us so we can continue this service in Pembrokeshire. Click HERE to complete the survey, or use the QR code on the poster below.

Thank you ~ Diolch.


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