Lucy and Leanne, Paul Sartori Equipment Team Staff delivering a vital piece of equipment to a patient

Paul Sartori had a big aim to raise over £24,000, in its 35th Anniversary, to replace the Equipment Delivery Van. This van, replacing “Tom’s Truck donated by Val Harries” was critical to enable patients to either be discharged from hospital or prevent their admission and support their wish to die at home.

Paul Sartori is delighted to announce that it received considerable support on this campaign and the new van was ordered on 18th April 2018 from DAYS Haverfordwest. 

Special thanks are sent to all that gave during the campaign especially the following:


Without this support, Paul Sartori would not have been in a position to replace the Equipment Van, so thank you.  You are contributing to a wonderful service, highlighted with these Facts and testimonials….

Equipment Team delivering more vital items


“The support we received as a family was fantastic during a difficult time….the provision of equipment and resources by individuals were sensitive and thoughtful….”

“The access to equipment and speed of delivery was prompt and timely with no pressure to return anything…”

“Excellent care received for my mother from the WHOLE team; nursing and office staff initially, equipment loan staff (advice and delivery of equipment) …We were dealt with professionally with understanding and awareness of mother’s needs and always with a smile – Thank you.”