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We are proud to sponsor this page and support the Paul Sartori Foundation.

Contact – Sandra Dade, Charity Manager

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Whatever your age, an up to date, professionally written Will is incredibly important. It is the only way to ensure that your wishes are carried out after you die and that your family, friends and causes close to your heart, such as Pembrokeshire’s ONLY Hospice at Home Service, are provided for in the way you intend.

Our services are provided free of charge, but are not without cost. It currently costs over £2500 (July 2017) a day to run the clinical service.

A legacy will help sustain the future of the Paul Sartori Foundation and its vital work in the community, supporting Pembrokeshire people living in the later stages of a life limiting illness, to live their final days in the comfort of their own home, independent, with dignity and surrounded by those they hold most dear, if that is their choice, supporting patient family members and carers with respite care, bereavement counselling and complementary therapy services.

Leaving a legacy to the Paul Sartori Foundation simply involves adding a short paragraph (clause) to your Will, and we would always suggest that you use a qualified solicitor to ensure the Will is interpreted in the way you want. It is also extremely important to keep your Will up to date, to make sure your wishes reflect any major changes in your life, such as getting married or having a child.

A common misconception is that a legacy has to be an enormous sum of money, this is not true. We understand that family and friends are most likely to come first in your thoughts; however, if you do decide to leave a gift in your Will to the Paul Sartori Foundation, big or small, you will be helping others and will leave a lasting reminder of your support for our work.

The most common legacy options are:

Whether you leave us a percentage of your estate or a cash sum, every gift means so much to the patients, their families and carers.

Information on tax relief when you donate to charity through your will can be found here by visiting the HMRC website.