Paul Sartori Foundation has recently joined the Pembrokeshire circle along with many other local enterprises to help reduce the number of items that end up in landfill. The aim is to divert items from waste for the purpose of sharing, repair or to extend their life through re-use, upcycling or re-manufacture.  

The Circle is a network of organisations, and interested parties, who have come together to work collaboratively. Sharing resources, training, and supporting volunteers in the activities relating to extending the life of household items; via sharing, repairing, reuse, upcycling or re-manufacturing. 

The network will initially support 3 initiatives, a Library of Items that can be shared. Setting up a Repair Café to assist with extending the life of an item. Also to set up a Network of workshops, to aid with these repairs. Typically, the items, which the network will work with, will be those that would otherwise be thrown away as rubbish as they are not economical to repair. 

The group has been formed in order to complete the requirements of the Green Circular Economy grant (“GCEG”) – repair and reuse in town centres.  This includes the initial set up of the network and ongoing reporting of outcomes over the next year.

The Warehouse and Distribution department have been providing furniture to Norman Industries for them to up-cycle, once this is completed our Letterston store puts the items up for sale.

For information regarding the shops please click here.

Take a look at this virtual launch event walkthrough, where you can find out more about all those involved in the Pembrokeshire Circle.

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