Paul Sartori Hospice at Home, a Pembrokeshire-based charity, supporting people living in the final stages of a life limiting illness, recently received a cheque from the closure of the first Stroke Club in Wales.

The Haverfordwest Stroke Club was formed over 40 years ago with just a few members, with the improvements in recovery from stroke the club has decided to close. One of the clauses in the articles states that in the event of the closure of the club that the funds are distributed within the local area. There are no other stroke clubs in Pembrokeshire and the club members felt that to donate the money to a stroke club further afield would not be acceptable. A poll was taken of all the members for local charities to receive a donation, Paul Sartori has been awarded funds and it is with grateful thanks that we accepted a cheque for £3,500.

Chris Cox, one of the founding members of the club said “It is great that medical improvements are such that many stroke patients can now get back to work. When we started out we wanted to give our members activities and visits of interest. The club met and they were able to talk freely and enjoy spending time building friendships.”

Sandy Stark, registered nurse said “Thank you so much for this donation, every penny makes a difference and enables the nursing team to continue to support patients and their families at the end of their life.” She also included a quote from a grateful family “I would recommend Paul Sartori care team to anyone who needs them. I could not have wished for better when looking after my spouse. They are worth their weight in gold.”

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