We have received some wonderful feedback that we would like to share with everyone ❤️

“I’ve recently completed a community nursing placement and, while there, learned more about the incredible work that the team at Paul Sartori do. It was my first community placement and while I knew of Paul Sartori, I don’t think I truly appreciated the wonderful work that they do until I witnessed first-hand the meaningful support, help and motivation that the Paul Sartori Foundation provide to patients and families.

During my placement, I had cause to phone them for advice and support and always found them to be passionate, knowledgeable, and inspiring. More significantly, I would chat with families and patients about the difference that the team at Paul Sartori make and their support and reassurance was unquestionable. Whether it was through providing overnight respite to allow loved ones some valuable time to re-energise, or the support and advice that they provide, the messages, time and time again, were full of positivity, hope and thanks.

One family told me how incredible the team had been and that they, quite simply, wouldn’t have known how they would have coped without the input from the team.

Significantly, end-of-life and palliative care can be a traumatic journey for the family and patient and, in the last days of life, how the family are treated has a lasting impression on them that will, ultimately, shape and inform the way a family will grieve.

There isn’t any doubt from what I heard and witnessed, that the incredible team at Paul Sartori makes such a difference to those families with whom they work. Importantly, in the darkest days and final hours of life, the team provide a much-needed beacon of compassion, understanding and support that I’m sure will never be forgotten.

All best wishes,
Matt Townsend

Year 3 Student Nurse, Swansea University”

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