One of Pembrokeshire’s foremost charity’s has issued an appeal for Welsh speakers to help on its Oral History Project.
To mark the Fortieth Anniversary of the founding of Paul Sartori Foundation, the charity wanted to capture memories of the man who inspired it. Father Paul Sartori’s name is well known because of the cause that bears his name, but not so much is known about his life, and the project seeks to correct that imbalance.

Father Sartori campaigned in the 1970s to make the provision of end-of-life care in Pembrokeshire a reality, but died in 1980 at the age of 39. The charity’s project officer Simon Hancock said: “If you go online there isn’t that much information about Father Paul Sartori.”

“He was a man with boundless energy which endeared him to everyone. People knew him in lots of different ways and we want to hear about him in all these aspects. We also want to understand his impact on people, and the community decades beyond the grave.” Continued Simon.

Photo: Paul Sartori Project Officer Simon Hancock has issued an appeal for Welsh speakers to help on the charity’s Oral History Project, which has been funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The Charity have a number of volunteers assisting with the project and would be delighted to hear from Welsh speakers who could help. People who knew Father Paul Sartori are providing their memories of him in interviews conducted by Simon, project assistant Kiara Quimby, and the volunteers. Among the tasks undertaken by volunteers are interviewing, translation and transcription.

The project is called ‘Voices from the Community, Father Paul Sartori’s Journey from Priest to Hospice Care’ and has been funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. The project’s interviews, photographs and documents will soon be accessible to the public via the People’s Collection Wales and Pembrokeshire Archives.

If you are a Welsh speaker and would like to volunteer, the project team can be contacted by email or by telephone 07796 973998

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