A voting member is someone who has demonstrated practical support for the Paul Sartori Foundation and would like to take part in the decisions made about the Charity.   Voting Members are considered as potential successors of the Board. Trustees are often selected and elected from the voting member pool.

So what does a Paul Sartori Foundation voting member do?

A voting member will support the work of the charity, by attending events and or taking an active role by offering their skills, knowledge or talents to support the charity.

It is hoped that voting members will attend the Annual General Meetings to guide Trustees on major decisions affecting the charity’s aims and objectives.

To see the Voting Member role description, Click Here

How to become a voting member

The first step for someone who thinks that they would like to become a voting member is to contact Sandra Dade, Charity Manager / Company Secretary.

Community members may also be approach if they have a skill required at Board level and not currently available in the existing voting member pool.

The Charity will provide:

The charity’s constitution and charity information

Regular updates


An invite to the Annual General Meetings

The Charity will require:

Voting member candidate information

Completed voting member candidate form

This information will be submitted to the Board for approval for governance purposes

See who our current Voting Members are, click here

If you would like to be a part of a vibrant proactive team and require further information, please contact Sandra Dade on 01437 763223 or e-mail