Our stores receive large volumes of donations on a daily basis, for which we are very fortunate. In amongst those donations there is often an item that stands out, the sorter isn’t quite sure why, but it may be a piece of jewellery or a small painting by a local artist that we can’t identify, these are the times when someone having specialist knowledge is invaluable.

Do you know your Tiffany from your Pandora or Baccarat crystal from Ikea tumblers, if so we could really use your help.

Our online store has become increasingly successful and sells almost as many varied items as our physical stores do, identifying donations which can be sold online is vital to its continued success. Volunteers who take a role in identifying items for our online shop/eBay could be based in one store or throughout the County (travel expenses are available).

Books are one of our bestsellers and we receive and sell a large amount every week. If you have an interest in books and would like to become a book volunteer then we would like to hear from you. Several of our stores need volunteers who can sort, grade and price books.

Becoming a volunteer for this role doesn’t mean you have to be a specialist in all areas, if you know books, if you know paintings by local artists or if you know vintage clothes, any specialists in any areas would be a tremendous contribution in raising vital funds for Paul Sartori Foundation.

If you would like to join us as a volunteer, below are the documents you need.

Please read them all as they will give you lots of useful information:

(The following documents do need to be returned to us once they are completed: Volunteer Registration Form and Volunteer Agreement)

Once you have completed them please email them to lisa@paulsartori.org

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